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22 July 14


Dogsitting for my mom while she’s away. Started off with an amazing vegan chilli and finished with some amazing soul food.

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HolldroidJumbo Chubby Bunny Challenge!

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Anonymous said: As an Asian man who’s been in AMBW relationships, I know haters say racist things about me, and unfortunately, I’m always told racist things about black women. When people hear I like black women and have been in AMBW relationships, I always hear “eww” and am told that black women are ugly, gross, have bad attitudes and stinky va****s. This annoying crap happens to both genders in all interracial relationships. But if you love someone, no matter the amount of hate thrown at you, it bounces off.

I’m glad you don’t let those ignorant comments get to you. You’re right, when you love someone the opinions of outsiders doesn’t matter. 

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theotherweirdgirl said: I go to a school where there are many Asians yet I have no relationship one. Do you think I should still have hope that I'll be in a relationship with one?

I don’t think you should hope to be with anyone strictly based on skin color. 

Just find someone who is right for you, no matter what they look like. 

Good luck!

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ilovejapaneseboys said: I love this page like so much!! My parents strictly believe that a black girl and an asian guy can't be together. They say that black and yellow don't mix but i showed them this page and all of the happy couples. Now they believe and support AMBW. I'm off to grab me an Asian man xD


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Anonymous said: Hey! I just found your blog... What's the deal with this meet up I saw you mention in a previous question/answer? Lol

which one?

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😍😍 love.


😍😍 love.

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Anonymous said: Hey! I just wanted to start of with the fact that I love this blog and it just makes me happy and gives me hope and this is why I wanted to ask this question. I really wanna talk to some guys,but the problem is I'm 16 and I don't think they have sites where I can talk to younger guys, let alone asian ones who like black girls:/ so my question was if you knew ways I could talk to younger people online because it would really really help me. I hope this question makes sense:/

All of the AMBW sites are 18+ but that doesn’t mean you’re out of luck. ‘

There is always tinychat. Tinychat has plenty of Asian users and rooms, and webcam rooms are a great place to meet people. Try popping in  one of the teen rooms and saying hello. 

When I was younger I used to log on to OMGPOP.com, which was a gaming site with a lot of Asian chatrooms. Unfortunately OMGPOP isn’t around anymore, but I’d try to find something similar. Talk to people on gaming sites. 

You’re on an awesome site right now!! There are plenty of Asian guys on Tumblr!! One of the best things about tumblr is the anon option, so you can get a feel for the guys personality, before actually messaging him.

Use caution as you would with any other chatroom and dating site. Remember that plenty of people lie on the internet, and use extreme caution when talking to someone. Meet in a public place, make sure others know where you are, and never meet the person alone. 

Sorry I couldn’t be of more help, but I hope my suggestions work. Good luck. 

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Anonymous said: Hi. I just wanted to share an interview discussion with Ranier Mandingding, an Asian male, who founded a blog devoted to interracial dating. His girlfriend is black, and he talks about a lot of issues I think you and your readers might relate to. We have text and video of the interview. If you support it, please Facebook share and Tweet it to help us get the word out. There's lots of boat rocking that needs to be done and Asian Men and Black Women are here to stay!

We’ve posted Rainer many times, and love his blog. 

Can you link us to this article?

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Anonymous said: I have a quick question I've been with my boyfriend for 7 months officially for 3 In a half. His mother just found out about us and she definitely does not seem to pleased that he's dating me. What should I do? P.S. she has never met me before.

I would talk to your boyfriend about it and see where his head is at. Ask him if his mother would disown/ cut ties with him because of you. If she is then y’all need to have a plan for if that happens. Is he willing to risk being disowned for you?

If she’s not the type to disown her son, then you need to work on trying to impress her and show her that you’re just as good (or better) than any other girl she may want him to date. Ask your boyfriend for tips on how to impress her.

From my experience, parents usually come around once they realize their son/daughter is serious about the person. Be patient, but also realize that there is a possibility of you guys breaking up because of this, and be prepared for it. 

Good luck! 

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Bre & Barry. 

Beautiful Asian male/Black female couple. I had to repost! 


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Anonymous said: Random: but I had a crush on an asian guy but I didn't go for him bcuz of that nagging thought "what if he doesn't like black girls?" But like 2 years later he told me he always thought I was cute & would've went out wit me. I was so mad lol my fault

Lol awwww, thats why I always tell you guys to go for it!

You never know

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Anonymous said: I saw an ambw couple on Four Weddings the other day! Their wedding was very nice and it was nice to see :)

What episode? I gotta see! 

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