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21 March 12

Amos and Ciara


How and when did you guys become a couple?
We met a couple of months ago at my job! He came in and he came through my line so I had to check him out. We made immediate eye contact and exchanged numbers. Ever since we’ve been inseparable! We really didn’t get to know each other first and we’re not afraid to admit that. We took a risk by just jumping into the relationship but we do not regret it one bit. There was no “rush” but no “wait” either!


Where do you live? Do you get stares?

We stay in Georgia. People don’t just stare – their eyes stay GLUED! Then sometimes we hear whispers, my co-workers and black men usually question me or females become quizzical about how it happened, where we meet, or questions about his/Asian men genitals & if my boyfriend lives up to the certain type!, lol the list goes on. For the most part I’ve found that the starring bothers me the most than it does him. He really doesn’t even notices or care. I notice and I care only because I want to know what people think whether its good or bad. 


Where was your first date?
We never really had a first date, but I guess we could say our one month anniversary. We had  dinner at this Chinese restaurant (we got even more stares there!) Then the rest of the evening at I fell asleep and he kept watched My Wife & Kids and BET, smh….


What do your parents (both sets) think about your relationship?

My parent’s (Ciara speaking here) do not mind at all. Most of my past relationships were with white men, my sister in law is white & my stepdad is white. We’re pretty fond of interracial dating J They were really shocked when they found out he was Korean! But nonetheless, happy. Amos’s parents, do not approve. It’s really a touchy subject for me when it comes to his parents. It does not bother us now at the moment, since I never see them, but we’ll soon be taking things to the next level. Engagement, marriage, then a baby, so we’re hopefully looking for their approval or blessing to say the least. His parents, like most older people, or foreign, or strict-parents, are extremely conservative and traditional. Its tough!


Whats the most romantic thing you’ve ever done for each other? Nothing in particular. Amos always surprise me, pop up at my house and stuff.


Whats your  favorite thing about each other?

One thing I love about Amos is that he is affectionate and not afraid of PDA! I’m very touchy, feely and I love attention and no matter where we are – someone will always know I belong to him cause his hands are always touching me. Whether if he’s holding my waist or holding hands, his hands never leave my body. I love it!


My favorite thing about Ciara she is very caring and catering. She’s a good woman and she’s willing to be with me through thick and thin. I love the connection we have…we really do have a strong bond that we share…which is impossible to break.


Have you ever received any offensive comments about you two as an interracial couple? What was your reaction?

No! Lol looking forward to it though.


Is this your first interracial relationship? 

We’ve both dated inside and outside our race. Ciara never dated Asian’s though.


Do you see a lot of this pairing where you live?

Not at all! Only interracial relationships we usually see is the regular interracial relationships: black males/white females.


Do you have any advice for those seeking an AMBW relationship?

WE both would say go for it…take the risk you never know what’s in store for u two unless u try it may blossom into something great! Don’t expect others people reactions to be great or necessarily supportive, because it always won’t be, but you have to be willing to accept that. Just make sure you’re doing what’s best for you and YOU only! Stay positive and treat it like any friendship/intimate relationship you WANT to work. Try not to see each other as Asian and Black, see them for the individual they are. Meaning do not always attach stereotypes with your lover or future love (whether the stereotypes or positive or negative). Do not bash each other! Whatever you do, do not put your (or their) race on it. It is always going to be different and maybe difficult dating someone whose social demographics, religious views, and outlooks do not align with yours, but do not bash or turn away from them, teach them and most of all be willing to learn!


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