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5 February 13

Also, I just wanted to say thanks for the advice the last time I submitted! It really has worked. I offer to help Keven’s mom clean and cook and even though she tells me “No it’s ok”, she’ll end up making only me a bowl of Pho or something lol. The other day she asked me to curl her hair for her and went and rubbed it in her husbands face that her hair was beautiful. Keven’s dad and I talked forever about like everything, his mom invited me to go shopping and made me lunch before she left to a party, but while she did it she had me show her and tell her pretty much everything about my family and actually calls me by my name now haha. We also went to his aunt’s yesterday and she wanted me to babysit her daughter (who usually hates everyone but loves me lol) and his grandma taught me more Laos. It’s a great feeling! Keven was so happy and then said “It sucks now because you’re definitely stuck in the family” lmao. It just feels so good to finally feel accepted. Thank you! :)

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