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31 July 14
My love and I 

My love and I 

Posted: 11:26 AM
Vintage AMBW

Vintage AMBW

16 July 14

Just a video updating everyone on our pregnancy. We’re due on July 15th!!

8 July 14


4 July 14

Vmarie401- Vlog | We’re Moving!!

1 July 14

Thuy & Tawana


Posted: 2:41 PM

I want to do more AMBW couple interviews!!!

Are there any couples that might be interested?

24 June 14
Posted: 12:56 PM

Anonymous said: This is random but I recently got on tinder and I've matched with MANY asian guys as a black female. Idk, I definitely think the entire idea of asian guys not being "attracted" to black girls (or any race not liking another) is huge B.S. Once again, we are our own problems. We insist that they don't like us and they think we don't like them. I think its just best to be open minded and not let race stop you for going for it.

I could be totally wrong and I don’t mean to offend, but most people say Tinder is just for hooking up.

I’m sure there may be great guys there who have good intentions, but lets be honest….

how many of them just want to fuck a black chick? (pardon my language) 

Be careful on that app just like on all dating sites.

In the words of the wonderful blackgirlcrisis

"Don’t be a bucket list Black girl" 

Posted: 10:07 AM
23 June 14
22 June 14
From the UK: Malaysian x Nigerian Japanese couple. 
instagram: @adaora_ohta 

From the UK: Malaysian x Nigerian Japanese couple. 

instagram: @adaora_ohta 

16 June 14

Judah’s 1st Time at the Beach

Posted: 3:39 PM
Posted: 10:14 AM
Themed by Hunson. Originally by Josh